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Ethical, Fun Training

By applying what we know psychologically about dogs through science we ensure to keep our dogs as happy as possible. By training with games, we ensure learning is fun and effective.

Real World Results

Tired of only getting the results you want from training in a class or whilst your trainer is present? DBG trains for the REAL world, 24/7 and GUARANTEES results


I am an accreddited member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers A Pro Dog Trainer A Member of the Pet Professional Network

About Dogs Behaving Glady

Good news, you just took the first step in starting a potentially life altering journey for both you and your dog!

Too cheesy?
Too unrealistic?
Too daunting?

I’m Lewis, the owner of Dogs Behaving Gladly and I want you to know that with these incredible creatures you CAN achieve the smallest and largest of dreams with your dog. But it’s not just about the destination – it’s the journey you can emBARK (Excuse the pun) upon which is just as rewarding as when you achieve what you set out to do. I want to show you and help you to get Real Life Results with your dog using only the most fun, positive and effective methods.


Sutton Coldfield is a very unique area in that its HUGE park means it’s full of very awesome dog owners who are looking for the best for their dog. Dogs Behaving Gladly provides just that, whilst promising the maximum amount of fun to be had with your dog – training like this isn’t your every day thing, it’s special and it’s waiting for you!