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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of treats should I bring for my dog?
As my training is positive reward based we use lots of treats and toys to reward our dogs. Please bring plenty of food for your dog, ideally cut into small pieces, approximately the size of your little finger nail, or smaller for little dogs or puppies. Shop bought dog biscuit type foods will be too large and too crunchy. You should try and bring a variety of food types – for example; dry kibble, chopped cheese, sausage, liver cake, sardine cake, tuna cake, chicken, ham, steak, liver etc. Softer foods are better than hard foods so that your dog doesn’t have to stop and crunch them up.
How many treats should i bring?
The amount you need to bring should be a large lidded tub / box full. We will probably use more than you initially expect so it’s better to bring too much than run out half way through!
What Collar and Lead should I bring?
Please bring your dog to classes on a flat collar (no check collars please), and a standard lead, approximately 1m long. Please do not bring extendable leads. These are too clumsy and heavy to be used in class.
How many dogs will there be in a class?
I like to keep classes small so as not to dilute attention and quality. Most classes wont exceed 6 dogs
Do I need to have been to training classes before?
Not at all, anyone and everyone is welcome regardless of experience (Both dog and handler)
What if I already attend classes elsewhere?
Come along anyway. I consider my training to be quite unique to any others in the area – if there’s the opportunity for you to benefit from these, why shouldn’t you?
Should I choose1 to 1 training or a class?
Some dogs are more suited to individual training – others are quite happy in a class. When you get in touch we will discuss what is best for you and your dog.
I’m not sure if I need a trainer or a behaviourist, but I know I need help!
Just get in touch! I will help with various fear based issues as well as other unwanted behaviours. If I can’t help, you can bet I’ll know who can. I belong to a national network of like-minded trainers and behaviourisists who share knowledge and skills in the interest of canine welfare.
I don’t live in Sutton Coldfield, will you travel to me?
Yes, I can travel further afield – this will incur some travel charges, but they will be discussed with you upon enquiry.