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About Dogs Behaving Glady

I want to help develop you and your dog to grow together to become one another’s expert. Reading each other and knowing what’s best in any given situation.

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A bit about dog training

Training dogs in a positive, kind way is more than just throwing a piece of cheese at your four legged chum and hoping that’s it. Understanding how your dog learns, thinks and feels is key to ensuring you get the results you want and they feel content, fulfilled and yearning for more training and interaction.

Modern Dog Training is going in a very exciting direction as it starts to address how the emotions of our dogs govern how they behave . Regarding unwanted behaviours together, we will look at the root cause of an issue, remove it and in tandem give our dogs an alternative, happier behaviour to conduct.

Today’s society puts a lot of demands on our dogs, restricting them from behaving in certain ways that would have been the norm not so many years ago. We want to take our dogs to more places and involve them in our lives more and it’s important that we prepare them mentally and emotionally for taking on those tasks.


Training with me can cause excessive smiling, laughter and regular fun!

I offer various training classes for Puppies, adolescent dogs and even the golden oldies.

Similarly for those looking for more 1 to 1 based training in the home or out on walks, sessions can be specifically tailored to you and your dogs needs.


When choosing your trainer it is very important you get the right one for both you and your dog.

I am a qualified IMDT ( and recently a qualified Pro Dog Trainer with AbsoluteDogs – applying fun and games into training so that you barely know you’re even learning until it’s too late!

It’s important to me to remember I’m never done learning, and as such I regularly attend courses and seminars to increase knowledge, skills and build Continued Professional Development

I am also a trained Canine First Aider should the unthinkable ever occur!

A Little About Not So Little Lewis

It’s true, I’m not that little at 6ft 5. I’m also not your cliché dog trainer with my amish-esque beard and my casual approach towards the industry. If I can’t make a training session fun in some way, then there’s a good chance I won’t teach it.

I want to make training fun. Period.

Fun for you, fun for your dog and even fun for myself- because if we’re all enjoying ourselves then the learning is SO powerful.

I started my adventure into dog training fairly unintentionally, after owning two very challenging dogs and hoping to complement my partner’s Grooming business ( with some basic puppy classes I realised two very important things.

  1. Training puppies ISN’T that simple!
  2. I wanted to know more!

And so I set out to find the best, most ethical, experienced trainers to learn from and bring to Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding area.

I want to take out the micro-management and stress of training by helping you to shape your dogs personality so they make awesome choices and adopt joyful values.