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Puppy Classes - £132


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Maximum of 6-7 Puppies and 4 Handlers per pup allowed. Children are allowed but must be supervised and due to insurance wont be allowed to hold Pup’s lead.

– 6 x Sessions

6 x 1hr Sessions at the venue in Wylde Green

– A private Facebook Group with videos of all the exercises taught in class. Meaning you can catch up on previous exercises.

– A Multi Award Winning, Qualified IMDT Trainer

– A Class WhatsApp Group


You’ll be able to share further videos, questions and pictures of your training in the group as well as talk to other owners in your class about your experiences

Total Cost for this course £132



Puppy Classes are an extremely important first step to you and your puppy taking on the world and developing that enviable relationship.

Classes with Dogs Behaving Gladly mean you’re in a safe environment with no more than 5 other dogs present, meaning you get plenty of attention are aren’t ever left behind.

During a 6  week course you’ll be working on developing 4 key aspects that I feel are the most important for ANY puppy starting out in the big wide world.


Confidence is huge. Everyone wants a confident puppy who is happy to step into a room, a park, or any area and say “Hey World, check me out!”


How many puppies do you see that a calm? Not that many! Dogs Behaving Gladly is super proud of how calm puppies in class can be. Teaching Puppies off switches it vitally important as well as the skill to just watch the world go by and not need to get involved every time.


Last but not least by any means! We want our dogs to be able to focus on us so they can listen and learn to the best of their ability.


These 3 concepts are so important to you and your pup and are often left out. Get these 3 under your belt and training your new puppy couldn’t be easier.

Best of all you’ll be teaching all these concepts with fun games, so you won’t even know you and your pup are learning until it’s too late!

You’ll also be learning the key foundations for




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If you’re interested in signing up to a course, dates are regularly being added to the booking site. These fill up fast, however I recommend you get in touch if you have any questions regarding the course. The latest course start dates are below