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Dog Friendly Pubs, Cafe’s & Restaurants in Sutton Coldfield

Dog Friendly Pubs, Cafes & Retaurants in Sutton Coldfield

It’s no secret that in England our attitude towards dogs being brought into pubs and the like is changing somewhat. More and more people want to spend more time with their dogs and take them out in their every day life. Sharing a meal (Sometimes literally!) can be a great social experience for both yourself and your dog.

However there can always be that awkward googling – trying to find out HOW dog friendly an establishment might be, whether you’re going to be stuck outside or confined to eating in the bar area with a tiny round table, uncomfortable stools and the constant whiff of stale beer (It’s not for everybody). There are plenty of super establishments in Sutton Coldfield that allow dogs in certain areas, the list I’ve compiled below are of those that go out of their way to welcome four legged friends and provide something not worth settling for, but worth visiting for!

Max’s Coffee Shop      

310 Clarence Road
B74 4LT

Max’s Coffee Shop goes out of their way to make you and your four legged friend feel welcome. With your very own saucer of treats and as much fuss as they can provide! This is a proper snug little cafe with a lot of character and dogs are welcome inside and out.



Bean Green Kitchen

297 Lichfield Road
B74 4BZ Sutton Coldfield

Another small establishment with a whole lot of character. Bean Green welcomes dogs in all areas and will provide treats. They’re pushing the boat out here with an offer of a sausage for well behaved pups! As a food lover, I’d find it very difficult to give that to the dog instead of myself.



Blackroot Bistro

Hartopp Gate

Sutton Park

B74 2YU


Undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in Sutton to take your dogs. Now although the Bistro don’t allow dogs inside (Although I’m sure we’ve all seen the opportunistic dogs scoot in!) There’s something to b e said for the area they have provided outside. Huge parasols to keep the rain off, heaters in the winter and complementary blankets to keep your legs warm. You will need to provide your dogs with blankets of their own however!



Verdo / Yinto / Renato Lounge

Sutton Town Centre / Wylde Green / Mere Green


You’re never very far away from a Lounge in Sutton Coldfield and that’s not a bad thing. Well behaved dogs are welcome in all areas and having visited myself water bowls are always provided! With 3 Lounges dotted around Sutton, you’ve got no excuse!



Migas Wine & Tapas Bar

5 Manor Road
B73 6EJ

Dogs are very welcome at Migas in both the outside terrace and the dog specific area – safely away from all the non-dog loving weirdos! You’ll get your own water bowl (for the dog) and can order Octopus! If you don’t like it, your dog might!





Brewhouse & Kitchen

8 Birmingham Rd

B72 1QD


There is a little restriction on dogs at the Brewhouse as they aren’t allowed in the restaurant, but that’s no issue when you see the extremely nice bar area and the beer garden with its own bar!





White Horse in Curdworth

Kingsbury Rd
B76 9DS


Although restricted to the bar area once more, this is a very nice bar to be  in and with plenty of space – A great option for those not wanting to head into the centre of Sutton.




The Farmhouse Bistro


The Mitchell Centre

Weeford Rd

B75 6NA

Another outdoor area, but with special mention! Views of an unbeaten quality and the option to go for a wander around the shops (especially the pet shop!) before or after. I know your dogs wont say no to that!







Going out with your four legged family members for a pint and something to eat can be an absolute blast, but it’s worth noting it’s not for every dog. Some of our dogs can be worriers and will be stressed out in these environments or be completely over stimulated by the sights, smells and sounds that they physically can’t switch off and just chill. I highly recommend you work on building the skill and ability to relax in your dog in quiet, easy to win environments before heading into busy establishments and expecting the same results. Urban life skills are something I love to work on with my dogs as it helps me to include my dogs in as much as my life as possible. Which when you’re a dog nut like me – is the best!


There are plenty of other establishments in Sutton that allow dogs into certain areas. I have included those that I feel went above and beyond from my information gathering. If you think other businesses in Sutton deserve to be on the list please get in touch and we can get them mentioned!

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