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Keeping your RelationSHIP afloat (Cheesey huh?)



It’s a big word with a lot of different meanings for different people – but it’s a very important part of getting results in any training with your dog.

Remember, you and your dog are a team – and both teammates need to be happy (Cheesy right?)

Building your relationship with your dog doesn’t mean you need to start taking those big wet kisses, or start letting them on every piece of furniture. (But if you want to, that’s okay!)

It’s all about investing in your dog – investing time and positive interactions whilst reducing as many as the negative ones as possible. I often compare dog-human relationships to bank accounts. Where we can both deposit stuff and withdraw stuff.

The more you deposit, the higher that balance, the more you can ask of your dog. They will trust you more, they will love you more, they will look to you for guidance, safety and fun!

So have a think to yourself, how is your relationship with your dog and could you make a few more deposits to boost it? Your dog wont mind!

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