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King of The Kongs


15 minutes of stuffing for 6 hours of peace and quiet. Sounds good right?

Damn right it’s good. I’ve stuffed all these kongs with a single Butternut Box pouch and a hefty dollop of peanut butter here and there.

These will all get bunged in the freezer ready for when I need my dogs out of the way or I feel they’re in need of some enrichment and/or down time. Regular use of slow feeding, passive calming techniques like these will help to get you a calmer dog.

They will help your dog to see the value in spending time in calmer, comfortable positions whilst also wearing them out and bringing them down from excitement and arousal. They can do wonders for helping build positive associations to environments, people or other uncertain circumstances.

Opie will take approximately 45 minutes to finish one of these (he’s a bit of a monster). Jasper more like an hour if not longer.

If you’re not using Kongs and other slow feeding toys you really are missing out on a great opportunity to lead a calmer life with your dog.

As an ambassador for Butternut Box, I can also offer you a 75% discount off your first order wish let’s be honest – is pretty ridiculous. Just follow the link below

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