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The Importance of Puppy Grooms

The Importance of Puppy Grooms

Grooming can be a huge part of a dog’s life. If you hadn’t noticed (I hope to god you have noticed) but our pups are covered in quite a lot of fur!

For our longer or curlier coated pups this can mean grooming visits as regular as every 4 weeks can be necessary for some dogs. Regardless of how often your Pup might need to visit the groomer, the reality is, if they WILL be, two things are important.

  1. Your dog likes the Groomer!

The Groomer you choose needs to have a great relationship with your dog. They’re going to be doing some noisy, invasive things to your pup and will be spending quite some time in their personal space. It’s far better that they know and trust this human being, rather than it be someone they’ve never met before.

  1. Your Dog is comfortable with the process.

Grooming for a dog that hasn’t had time to get used to and tolerate it can be extremely stressful. This isn’t pleasant for your dog, and it isn’t pleasant for the Groomer either – Let’s be honest, we only really care about the dog though, right? (I hope my Wife doesn’t read this)



Finding the right Groomer for you and your dog is key. As an unregulated industry there is a completely mixed bunch, many of whom don’t recommend Pups go in for grooms until the dog is 6 months +.

This of course is absolutely bonkers!

Pups need multiple mini-sessions during which they can form a positive relationship with the Groomer, The Salon, The Bath, Dryer, Clippers, Scissors and other equipment.

If the Groomer you’re looking at doesn’t offer these sessions, find another that does. One that will take it slow and steady at the pace your pup needs. Have a good chat with your new Groomer as it’s likely you and your dog will be seeing this person for the rest of your dog’s life.

Be sure your Groomer will teach you how to maintain your dog’s coat at home and will give you constructive feedback on it too – Where your dog needs more brushing, or if your technique needs work.


If you’re after local recommendations for your area, get in touch. If you can make the trip to Castle Vale to get your dog groomed with Sammy (My Wife), you absolutely should do. She’s fantastic, patient and kind and will support you and your pup through what is a lifetime of grooming for many of your dogs.

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